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Equal parts strength and endurance, this partner program will help you develop the techniques, skills and base that sets others apart. The Acro Mastermind is the perfect way to jump start your acro training!  


The Acro Mastermind program includes:

  • (2) 1.5-hour partner sessions and (1) 30 minute solo practice a week

  • Access to a private online community to ask questions, watch videos, and get support

  • A total of 12 training sessions

  • Stories and advice to strengthen your practice

  • Mental tips to help you stay focused and intrigued

The Acro Mastermind is for: 

  • Intermediate to advanced practitioners

  • People who enjoy focused training

  • Partnerships

  • People who are excited to be a part of an active enthusiastic community, inspiring each other to train harder and improve beyond your individual limits

  • People who want to learn the training that helps to excel as an acrobat


"What if I don't have a partner?"

Get one! Last time we ran an Acro Mastermind, the people without a partner struggled to stay on task and build on the increasingly challenging exercises. Try to find a local acro yoga Facebook group in your town.

"I'm nervous that I won't be good enough/that the training will be too hard for me."

Two things:

1) You are good enough

2) This training program will be get increasingly harder-- that's the point. If you're willing to work hard, commit to the training, and work within your means (calibrate and work on progressions), then you are good enough. The Acro Mastermind is about working together to build a solid, knowledgeable base and partnership.



 "The Acro Mastermind was a stunning success for myself and my partner. We trained hard, learned a lot, and will absolutely do the next one. Thanks J&C!!"


"I love to recommend Mastermind to others. My pitch includes the concept that you are not just paying for a month program but for a structured regimen that can be used over and over and can be expanded upon for constant growth. I also like to talk about how it is progressive and designed so you WILL see results. I also tell people you guys are awesome :)"


"Jason & Chelsey's Mastermind Training program was the key to unlocking way more skills than I thought I would or could gain in only a month's time. Many aspects of the program I'd never considered before, but after completing them, it was obvious that it made both myself and my training partner much stronger and more confident in our practice."

  • For this special beg-intermediate training, 8 of our Acro MM teaching duos created 8 different endings to the program. So you are really getting 11 weeks of amazing acro training! We (Jason & Chelsey) teach the first 3 weeks then the next 8 weeks come from 8 different duos from around the world.
  • Want to train up your skills? Learn some new things? Or get ready for that intermediate/advanced workshop you are signed up for? If so, this is the perfect "jump start" for you and your partner!
  • If you liked 1.0 and are ready for an upgrade, look no further. This one has all the bones that 1.0 has, just a little more flavor and spice.
  • Acro Mastermind 3.0 has a little bit of everything-- strength, endurance, dual balance and, as always, interesting transitions that make you think in all the right places. If you liked 1.0 and 2.0, you will surely love this one!
  • Acro Mastermind 4.0 is our first mastermind that specifically focus on one body of work: hand-to-hand.
  • A little bit of everything rolled into one. Each week for four weeks we will be sending out your training session for the week.
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