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Slacklining is like riding a bike. Once you learn, it is hard to unlearn it. But what do you do if you have goals of walking longer and longer lines, walking a highline, or doing a full yoga sequence on the line without coming down? 


We have designed this Slackline Mastermind to help re-stoke the fire of those who want to start training on the slackline again or those who want to better their skills! 


This is NOT a training program that teaches you HOW to slackline. Rather, it is one to help further your skills once you have the basics down. 


What is included: 

  • A total of 12 sessions that can be broken down to three sessions a week for a month

  • Interesting, fun, and challenging material that helps to advance slackliners of all abilities

  • Each session can be completed in under an hour, keeping the practicioner efficient and focused.

  • Access to Jason and Chelsey for questions or extra stoke!  

The Slackline Mastermind Program is for: 

  • Beginner and seasoned slackliners 

  • People who like to train with goals in mind.

Things to Know:

You will need to provide your own slackline.

  • Equal parts strength and endurance, this focused 4-week program that you can do anytime, anywhere will get you feeling more confident on any line you want to conquer!
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