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Chelsey makes the Bronwen Team!

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

I have been a long time lover and drooler of Bronwen's amazing jewelry. Ever since I came across her at a booth in the OR show many years ago, I have been a big time fan of Bronwen's work. Not only is it sexy, simple and functional but I can wear it while taking part in ALL of my favorite activities. 10 day adventure races, slacklining, acrobatics and being a mother to my wildly curious 18 month old who loves to hold on to my necklaces like they are reigns on a horse! A few weeks ago Bronwen's sister Ashley Lodato called me up and it was like talking to an old friend. A few days later, and she had written and published this amazing piece on me. I am honored to be apart of this tribe of badass and rowdy women who don't fret about getting a little sweat and grit in their jewelry. I personally love to wear my jewels while bombing down my favorite single track trail and then head to a brewery adorned with my favorite Bronwen pieces and a dirt mustache!

Check out her site here . Read all about my story as told by Ashley Lodato here.

Rocking a dirt mustache and my favorite Bronwen Jewels after an amazing ride

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