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Sat, Jul 27


Any Place


This training is for beginners to intermediates. It is special because we have recruited nine of our Acro Mastermind teaching duos to create nine different endings to the program. It's like a choose your own acro adventure! Price is for 2 people!!!

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Jul 27, 2019, 7:00 PM

Any Place

About the event

Introducing Acro MasterMind X - the most exciting and effective online training available!

For over 6 years Acro MasterMind courses have expanded student's practice around the globe - from Russia to New Zealand, and from the USA to Europe.  And in the process we met some amazing acrobats.   

In 2018 and 2019 many of them joined us for our Acro MasterMind teacher trainings held in New Zealand, and through that time together, many of those students shifted to feeling more like peers.  Yep, they were that amazing.

And we want to share them all with the world.  So get ready for the most exciting Mastermind yet!  

Mastermind X was designed with the beginner intermediate to intermediate practitioner in mind. If you know the basics but can't quite get through transitions as smoothly as you like, don't have a regular class to go to but want to get ready for that intermediate/advanced workshop, or are just getting back into your practice after a long hiatus, then this training is for you. 

Even if you've been practicing for years, Mastermind programs are progressive and a great way to learn a training methodology that will serve you for years to come.  And no matter your level, Mastermind X will certainly get your creative juices flowing!

For those that like to know for sure that they will be ready, below is a list of our suggested pre req list, however, in general  we believe that if you have a basic foundational practice and understanding of bone stacking, how to transfer your weight and are working towards mono balance stacking than this is a great program for you. 

NOTE, the price is for 2 people! When all said and done, it breaks down to 5$ per class!

Suggested Pre Req list: *you can be comfortable with these as either base/flyer or one. 

- Front plank walks (come into bird and walk up and down body- skipping the knee) 

- Free star 

- foot to hand - 30 sec to 1 min 

- shoulder stand 30 sec to 1 min 

This training is especially special because we have recruited nine of our Acro Mastermind teaching duos to create nine different endings to the program. It's like a choose your own acro adventure! There will be teachers from Europe, Bali and the USA!  

Just like all the other Acro Masterminds, the content is the same: 2 partner sessions of which includes a warm up, long holds, reps, a vinyasa and a challenge move and one solo session which includes 30 minutes of focused training that will help excel your acro. 

The first three weeks content will be created by Jason and Chelsey, but the last week will be completely new even to them.  

So how does it work?! And which "X" do you choose?  Well maybe you choose the one closest to you so you can actually meet the teacher sometime.  Or maybe you've heard about the strong community in "Denmark" and want a chance to virtually check it out? Or choose the place you wanna travel to? Or roll a 10 sided dice from that old D&D set in your closet and let the fates decide.  We think you'll have a great time wherever you end up! However if you are the type of person who wants ALL of the different endings at your disposal, then there is an option for that as well (the "Motherlode"). 

When you check out, just click on what region you would like your last week to come from. Everyone will be entered into the same FB group (if you don't have FB, good on you, but hopefully your partner does), but you will have not just Jason and Chelsey coaching you, but 9 other amazing MM teacher duos that will be giving you pointers and advice. On the 4th week of the training, depending on who and what region you chose, your training will come from there.  

The nine locations and their teachers include: *please see info on all teachers on our teacher page:

1) MM Southeast Asia - Hosted by Kendra Charts and Francis Tabin

2) MM Nordic - Hosted by Peter Hunter and Julie Hendel

3) MM Third Coast-  Hosted by Jeff Newton 

4) MM South Texas - Hosted by Luis Revilla 

5) MM West Coast - Hosted by Ariel Mihic 

6) MM Central California - Hosted by Kellee Williams and Jameson Henkle 

7) MM Spain-  Hosted by Oliver Moreno and Sharon Peregrina 

8) MM France/Switzerland - Hosted by Hamza HjIyej  and Noemie Recouvreur 

9) MM Eastern USA - Hosted by Darcy Lyle and Casey West

Frequently asked questions: 

How do I know if I am ready for this? 

- If you have been going to class for at least three months, have good body awareness, and know some vocabulary, we think you will get a lot out of this program. Or if you have taken a break and are looking for something to restart your practice and training, then this is also a great opportunity for that. 

How much time a week do I need to put aside in order to complete this program? 

- We recommend giving yourself an hour to an hour and a half to do each partner practice (depending on your skill level and vocabulary) and 20-30 min to do the solo practice. Many times people get excited and do way more attempts and do not get through the sessions, but we highly suggest to listen to our advice and only do 3 attempts! ( more on this later). 

What if I can't start it with the online group? Or what if I have to miss a week? 

- Since this is an online program, you can start and end it when ever you want! The material and the online group will always be there for you when you want to pick it back up again! 



    Kendra and Francis came together seven years ago as acroyoga practitioners first, slowly evolving their practice-based partnership as flyer and base into a romantic relationship. Together they have experience as certified yoga teachers, as an Ayurveda educator, in Partner Acrobatics, as an Acro mastermind coach, and are co-founders of Acro Couple. The collaborative and co-creative approach they’ve generated together has landed them the opportunity to teach globally. Price is for two people

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    Julie Hendel and Peter Hunter (Copenhagen) are a hybrid power couple with silky technique and a very down to earth approach to the practice. They have lots of intensives and trainings under their belt as well as solid teaching experience with multiple weekly classes for years besides retreats. Julie loves everything french and studies fashion design ( and Peter loves everything movement and studies physiotherapy ( FB: @HendelHunterAcro Price is for two people

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    Price is for two people. Jeff was drawn to the Acro scene by his yogi friends in Houston, where he currently lives. He has been an active practitioner and pioneer in the “slackro” style of acro yoga since 2012. Jeff has trained with Jason & Chelsey in over 20 organized workshops, intensives, and teacher trainings. He has participated in both the YogaSlacker Teacher training (2015) and Acro Mastermind Teacher Training (2018).

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    This price is for TWO people.

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    Price is for two people FB and IG: @PrecisionAcrobatics Ariel began her acrobatics partnership in 2009, and has trained extensively with world renowned coaches over the years. She has been teaching as part of the AcroYoga and YogaSlackers crew since 2011, and in 2017 co-founded Precision Acrobatics to share her teaching in a more structured format.

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    This price is for TWO people.

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    Price is for TWO people Check out more info on Sharon and Oliver at

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    Price is for TWO people Check out Hamza at and Noe Mie at

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    This price is for TWO people.

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  • MotherLode -see info for deets

    YOU CAN ONLY BUY THIS AFTER YOU BUY one of the above!!! This is for access to ALL 9 Outcomes! On the 5th week after the MM X is complete, we will then send out the last 9 outcomes to you in a separate email.

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