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Tue, Jan 28


Te Anau

Acro Mastermind Teacher Training

Designed for the multi leveled practitioner, the training will be focused on developing progressive “athletic” training tools, learning the art of self diagnosis, and ultimately to train as a “coach” and “teacher”. We have a special NZ price for locals - see full description for details.

Registration is OPEN
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Acro Mastermind Teacher Training
Acro Mastermind Teacher Training

Time & Location

Jan 28, 2020, 8:00 AM – Feb 03, 2020, 5:00 PM

Te Anau, Te Anau, New Zealand

About the event

This teacher training will draw primarily from our years of progressive acrobatics self study, teaching tours, and “MasterMind” programs. Designed for the experienced practitioner, the training will be focused on three main points:

  • Developing progressive “athletic” training tools and applying them to partner acrobatics;
  • learning the art of self diagnosis to troubleshoot failures and plateaus in the practice;
  • and ultimately to train as a “coach” and “teacher” with the skills necessary to inspire your students and help them reach their goals – even when those goals surpass your own skills.

Memorize the greatest prose in history and you might impress for a while. Become a master of grammar, syntax and the nuance of a language and you can write words that others will memorize. Better still – master the arts of learning and teaching language, and you can change the way the world communicates completely.

“What sort of teacher will you be?”

What to Expect:

This is an ALL levels training. "Wait".. you say did I hear that right? Yes. You did. We have set this training up in such a way that everyone learns and gets challenged wether you are 6 months into your practice or 6 years. Either way, we promise you will get more out of this training than you ever thought possible.

This will be a small training, with our max limit at 18-21 people as we want to be able to go deep with the crew. We ask that all applicants be serious in their desire to attend. Ideally you have trained with us before. If not, it is a great benefit if you come recommended from someone that knows our ways and thinks that you are a good fit!

Upon registering, we ask that you tell us why you want to come to this training. We will set up a relaxed over the phone or Skype conversation to make sure this training is in fact the right one for you! If we believe it is not a good fit, you will received a full refund.

During the program, you can expect long days of physical training and discussions on technique and training for the first half of the training. The second half of the training will be more focused on coaching/teaching, partner and group diagnosing, and discussions on the many different aspects of what it means to be a coach/teacher, and how to build community.

How Much:

$1250 USD. $250 non refundable deposit due at time of registration. The remaining is due by December 1st. If you are a New Zealand local, please reach out to us about the NZD pricing.


Te Anau, New Zealand. New Zealand is one of our favorite places in the whole wide world, so when one of our students asked us to come and do a training we said YES! It also doesn’t hurt that Jason’s brother and family live in Te Anau. We will be offering a few adventure inspired extra curricular activities through out the training (think packrafting, SUP acro, and slacklining) as well. This is a BEAUTIFUL place! Come do the training and play in the off hours!


  • Meet-and-greet/potluck on the eve of Monday eve of Jan 27 at 6 pm.
  • The training itself will run Tues (Jan 28) through Monday (Feb 3).
  • Training ends Monday the 3rd at 5 pm.
  • Accommodation will start Monday eve of the 27th, and end Tues morning on Feb 4. Room check out: morning of Feb 4th.
  • If you are coming to the Optional Adventure Experience, your new lodging will start on the night of Feb 4th.

Lodging and Food:

This is a residential training in the sense that we are renting out houses and will be assigning people to a house! Since there are so many different diets out there, we will not be providing food. However, through out the training there will be many opportunities for group meals and potlucks.


It would not be a JandCtraining without some adventure. So expect a few small optional activities outside of the normal training. But the Acro TT will be very focused. So we are in the process of looking into the logistics of an “Adventure add-on” for those interested. This would be for a two days after (hopefully most of you traveling are already planning some extra time in NZ) and likely include some packrafting, SUP, hiking, caves, etc. You know, NZ outdoor epic stuff. We’ll keep you informed.

Want more? Add on to the front end of your trip our “Level-Up JandC Training":

We are excited to be able to offer an optional additional 15-hour training to those that want to come train with us before the teacher training. This will be open to anyone who meets the pre reqs, and they do NOT have to be in the TT to come to this. However, if you are not quite confident in your skills, want to have more time with us, need a brush up on your skills or just want to come train with us, then THIS is for YOU!

Information About New Zealand:

Getting To Te Anau:

Te Anau is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and although it is quite remote it is very easy to get to. International: There are lots of ways to get there, and we’ve broken it down for you dirtbag style. If you are saavy, you can usually get cheaper tickets than these, but this is just a quick search on kayak. Tickets may go down in winter, but do not wait too long.

  • EASIEST: Fly to Queenstown Airport. $1500-1600 from major west coast airports (PDX, SEA, SFO. LAX etc). From Queenstown, get the bus to Te Anau, which takes 2 hours and costs about $25. There are several other companies that do this bus too.
  • CHEAPER but longer: Fly to Christchurch. This is about $200-300 cheaper from most west coast hubs. It sometimes has quicker flight times too, but not always. Bus from Christ church to Te Anau is only about $35, but takes 10 hours. There are several other companies that do this run too, although usually only once a day. So plan accordingly, as this bus leaves in the AM and gets to Te Anau in the evening.
  • CHEAPEST, but more pain in the travel ass: Fly to Auckland. About $400-500 cheaper than Queenstown. From here, fly on a regional carrier (jetstar, or others) to either Queenstown or Dunedin. Then take a bus to Te Anau. For a really good bargainer, this can be found for about $100 (flight and bus). But take more logistics.

We are working on the possibility of getting a van for transport from Queenstown to Te Anau, but this will only be possible once participants have sent us their confirmed itineraries, and if there are enough people coming in close together.

The Town of Te Anau:

This is a magical little town nestled at the edge of the stunning Fiordland mountains on the shores Lake Te Anau. There are two grocery stores, lots of outdoor shops, a lot of places to eat, get coffee, etc. There are some amazing park spaces and trails near town that head for miles into the mountains. Swimming in the lake is a favorite activity for the locals, as is SUP. Everything in town is walking distance (5-15 min) from the accommodations, including grocery, food, coffee, and the training venue.

Eating in Te Anau:

Rather than try to accommodate a wide range of increasingly complex dietary needs, this training will NOT include food. But each house has a kitchen! For budget minded trainees, we suggest that you plan on doing some shopping at the local grocery store and eating most meals at home. Eating out can get expensive in Te Anau, but there are many good moderate priced options (The pie shop is our favorite – and we are talking savory meat and cheese and Thai style pies!).

Weather in Te Anau:

Temps in Jan/Feb are an pretty stable, with average highs around 70, and nightly lows around 50. So pretty perfect. There are often a few days around then that get up into the low 80’s too, so bring your suit and plan on a dip in the lake.

New Zealand Dollars:

The NZD is pretty weak at the moment, so the US Dollar tends to go a bit farther. Currently it is about 1.33 NZD for 1 USD. That means when you exchange 100 USD you’ll get 133 NZD. That said, since it is a small town in the middle of nowhere, some things are more expensive. So it is about a wash. For example (we do most of our international price comparisons via the coffee metric): a cappuccino at the Olive Tree Cafe is $4 NZD, which translates to $3 USD.

Refund and Remaining Balance Policy:

The initial $250 deposit is non-refundable (unless we believe you are not a good fit for this program), as it is used to pay for the housing deposits and training space rental. Te Anau is very popular in Jan/Feb (end of NZ summer), so we have had to rent the housing far in advance and will not be able to add/subtract anything. Although the deposit is non-refundable, in the case of life altering circumstances where you cannot attend, we will consider rolling over your payment (minus the $250) to a future Acro Mastermind Teacher Training. Please contact us if the Dec 1st date for final payment is not feasible, and we can discuss payment options. We endeavor to make this training accessible, and the cost reasonable, so please do not hesitate to reach out with any concerns of questions.


  • Teacher Training Deposit

    This is only the deposit. We will connect with you further on how to pay the rest of the ticket for a total of $1250 USD. The remaining $1,000 USD is due by December 1st. If you are a New Zealand local, please reach out to us about receiving a special $1,550 NZD locals pricing.

    Sale ended



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